Shadows of Cleansing Iron

by Vesicant

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"Shadows of cleansing iron wrote dust into lungs..."


released July 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Vesicant Wellington, New Zealand

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Track Name: Blood Miller
Sole principle of malice
Corrosion of flesh and vein
Torrential blood-letting
Driven by vacuums of finality

The human portrait shattered
Bone were shard, nothingness whole
Gaping horizon of steel maws
As throats of hell on earth

Fratricidal dismemberment
Pain to sear wounds in the sun
A violence honoured, reviled
Silhouetted through all of Europe's sons

Mass re-designed
into downward pulse
Heinous in virility
Skeins of the doomed and dying
Shredding of the womb
Blood miller of Verdun...
Track Name: Shadow of Death
Bonds of reason severed
by reason itself
Entrenched, subservient
of self-constructing failure
Symbiotic atrocity:
Mirrored blueprints of endless tombs

Awashed of loathing
Of nature scripted into irrelevance
Wings sewn backwards
Broken within voided architectures

Spherical epitaph of extermination
Shadows of cleansing iron wrote dust into lungs
Enshrouded dead of the befouled living
Track Name: Dismal Oubliette
Labyrinthine caverns and coils of nightmare
Hewn into earth like the veins
of those whose very limbs spill
Birthright of atrocity
The unstitching of all war once sated

Tendrils of murderous anatomy
Iron embryonic
Blood assumes the wound
in this cage of bones

A swollen corpse abyss
Limitless/limbless descending into fracture
Tempered by the undertow of decay
Vector of being and unbeing

Final ascension to the living tomb
Drenched in the dust of the fallen
Woe to the enemy of our race
When we would do this to our own
Track Name: Uncoiled Desolator
The sign of blood stains an iridescent portal
Beyond the gloom lies a place of unfathomable atrocity
I pass beyond...

My eyes witness a storm of iron and flesh
The ancient devourer roaring to eternity
Friend and foe, flesh and bone torn asunder
Scorched earth feasting on the blood of man

An eclipse of total desolation
Benighted savagery; malignant presence
Natures frenzied cruelty manifests
Into that of an iron-wrought hell

Carrion underheel: The example beset
I face the gate of death
And leap into the abyss

Immolation rites of molten lead
I am the eight-fold path

Man seeks doom over all things
Through pain of death and rebirth shall man live forever
Track Name: Enceladus
Glacial upheaval
Deafening cacophony
Paroxysm of frozen inundation
Arcane celestial dispersion
Immensity absolute

Cosmic filicide: Shards of Gaia's son
Shattered throughout
An ossuary in Stygian blackness

Cold is the void
As the light from a dying star
And into greater depths
Where abyssal winds consume
Decay bereft of time

Torrent of splintered bones
In ashen deathless mist
Re-configuring into
Even greater absence
Tidal rend
Portrait of untethered zeros

Self-abandonment: Inversion coiling against Its own weight
Track Name: Carnage Ascended
Dormant soil churns
Trembling prelude
Survival impulse awakens
Solar plexus etched in strewn earth
Titanic abyssal cadence
Weaving of legendary finale on Eastern Plane

A million burning hearts
Cry out for victory or death
Those without arms use brothers as shields

Glorious inheritors of Roman might
Dialectical ordinance supreme

Hypovolemic chambers mark the fallen
Barbed iron grasps forging
Surtr's karyorrhexis blade
Infernal arc-blow rising

Searing fates bound in distant stars...

Combine of hollow wounds
Vacuum chasm inhaling carrion
Apoplectic sigil burned in flesh
Under gaze of lidless eye

Carnage ascended
Into the hand of a God
Mortality sheathed
In endless murder...
Track Name: Excoriation
Instinct of warfare
Sleepless horror
Conflict paralleled through the aeons
Architecture of dust and meat
Cause and consequence as one

Mergence of the bloodlines
The decimation imminent
obliteration pinnacle
liminal entropy
The Aryan ascendant

Object reality:
death to thrive/self survive
Passage denied to pain and thought
Trench as kingdom
Blood resolve as crown

Chemical attack
Unseen shroud of death-wind
Embers beneath skin, exit from within
Bones liquefy
Steel and flesh coalesce
Without reason
yet without restraint
battalions erased

Apocalyptic violence of the White hand
Hour of reckoning...

The next world, next war
Vengeance reborn through me
Through the fount of Teutonic will
Rite of blood
Right of blood